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Read the instructions below and then follow the link to the submission page:

R.H.C.O.G. Spelling bee competition 2021

  1. Five groups in the spelling bee competition.

  2.  Adults (26-60) aka “A- group”

  3.  College students (19-25) aka “C- group”

  4.  High school students (14-18) aka “H- group”

  5.  Middle school students (11-13) aka “M- group”

  6.  Elementary school (5-10) aka “K-group”

  7.  Senior citizens (60-up) aka “S-group”

  8.  One qualifying round and a champion round.

  9.  Qualifying round will be a mixture of 50 words from the bible and secular; you will be given one min per word. 

  10. Any error in your writing of the words will result in that specific word being opted out from your final grade.

  11. No pencils & white out are allowed, only pens are to be use. 

  12. Qualifying round words will be written and collected after the round and graded.

  13. Words will be pronounced 3 times within the minute by the announcer before time is up.

  14. If there is a draw in the qualifying round, all personnel will advance into the finals. 

  15. Two finalist from each age group will battle for championship of that group. 

  16. Finalists will be ask to spell a word in front of the congregation within one min if wrong next finalist will spell another word. 

  17. Dress code for finalist: Male-white shirt and black pants. Female-white top and black dress/skirts.


Winners: Trophy  

Runner-ups: Medal  

Ready to participate?

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