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Sunday School-Online Lesson Plan

By: Sis. Karlene

Ages 8-10

Topic: Second Chances

Scripture: Judges 16:4-30

Golden Text: Judges 16:6


May 31, 2020 and June 7,2020


Students will gain knowledge of the story of Samson and Delilah. God gave Samson a second chance even though he had done the wrong thing. God had given him enough strength to defeat the Philistines. At the end of the lesson students should know the importance of giving second chances. God is a God of second chances. 


Activities (May 31,2020):

  1. Write or draw on a blank paper a situation where someone might need a second chance: eg, someone been caught stealing something. 

  2. Look carefully at the situation written or drawn and write or draw your response to the situation. Would you give the person another chance?


(Students are encouraged to take picture of activities done and save them for exhibit after quarantine ends)


June 7, 2020:

Read the following scenario and write whether Tom deserves a second chance or not. Give reasons for your decision. What does Tom need to do in order for Mr. Hughes to forgive him?

“Go on! Nobody will know it’s you!” Whispered Jake. He was stood next to Tom in the boys’ locker room at school. Jake held a thick, black marker pen in one hand, the lid in his other hand. 

“Just write something on the wall- they won’t be able to prove it was you!” He continued, pretending to write on the wall. 

Tom know that Jake was bad news- he was always getting into trouble when they were together and somehow, Jake always got away with it. 


“I don’t want to Jake! You know what Mr. Hughes said last week-we need to lol after the school building-it’s our responsibility,” replied Tom glancing down the corridor. 

Jake rolled his eyes. “You are such a baby!” he said scornfully. “We’re in the fifth grade now-when are you going to grow up and start having some fun?”

Tom paused and thought for a moment. Maybe Jake was right- they were in the fifth grade now and nobody would know it had been him. He snatched the pen from Jake’s hand and began to draw a cartoon of Mr. Hughes in the freshly painted locker room wall. 

Just then, the boys heard the familiar tone of Mr. Hughes’ voice echoing down the corridor l. “Tom, what I’m earth are you doing? Come here immediately!”

(Students are encouraged to take picture of activities done and save them for exhibit after quarantine ends)

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