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Sunday School-Online Lesson Plan

By: Sis. Karlene

Ages 8-10


Topic: Faith Takes Risk

Scripture: Joshua 2:1-24

Golden Text: Joshua 2:24

Date: August 9-August 30


 For the month of August students will learn about the story of Joshua, Rahab and the Spies. Joshua was the Son of Nun, an appointed successor of Mosses. Joshua told two spies to “Go view the land, especially Jericho.” Rahab was a woman who was lived in Jericho in the Promised Land who helped the Israelites in capturing the city. Students will learn how Rahab hid the two spies. When the city was destroyed because Rahab hid the spies she was saved along with her family. Even though Rahab was a harlot she still received mercy. Students will be given various activities that will further educate them of the story. 


Vocabulary:  Spies, Protect, Hospitality, Trustworthy, Blameless, Promise.



August 9, 2020:

Visit to watch a video clip relating to Rahab and the Spies. After video is completed visit

and write the answers on blank paper


August 16, 2020:

Question and Answers

  1. Joshua was the son of ______

  2. Did God told Joshua to send the spies?

  3. How many spies did Joshua send?

  4. Why did Rahab protect the spies?

  5. Was it risky for Rahab to hide the spies?

  6. Where were the spies hidden?

  7. How did Rahab let the Spies through the window of her house?

  8. What did Rahab ask them in return?

  9. What had Rahab heard about the God of Israel?

  10. Did Rahab fear God differently from the other people in Jericho? Why?


August 23, 2020:


Write one paragraph consisting of 4-8 sentences explaining why Rahab didn’t tell the truth. 

August 30, 2020:

  1. Use any three words from the vocabulary section to make a sentence that can explain a part of the story of Rahab and the spies.

  2. Just for fun ☺ use your fingers to complete the maze.

(Please send copy of each week’s work to your Sunday School Teacher)

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