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Our Pastor

Rev. Dr. Jaqueline Waite

Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Waite is the Pastor of Restored Holiness Church of God, Inc. located at 40-
44 Hobson Street, Newark, New Jersey 07112. Dr. Jacqueline Waite was born in Manchester,
Jamaica, West Indies. At the age of seventeen she accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her
personal Savior, at the Devon Restored Pentecostal Church of God, located in the parish of


Dr. Waite’s life was gloriously translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of
light, on May 23rd, 1977 through the instrumentality of the late Elder Leonard P. McIntosh.
God transformed her life through the power of the Blessed Holy Spirit.


Dr. Waite began her walk with the Lord and was determined to grow in grace and in the
knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Not very long after her conversion, she received the gift of
the Holy Spirit. Dr. Waite’s hunger for the Word of God motivated her to gain deeper depths in
her understanding of the Bible. She began to study the word of God and labor in prayer. It was
quite obvious to all around her that the hand of the Lord was upon her.


Eight years after her conversion, Dr. Waite was ordained a Minister of the gospel at the
Restored Pentecostal Church of God, by the late Elder L. P. McIntosh. She worked in the youth
ministry under him, passionately preaching the gospel throughout the island of Jamaica leading
many souls to Christ. In the late 80’s she received a prophetic word from the Lord through a
guest speaker who came to minister one Sunday morning. He told her that she would carry
God’s Word across the waters to the lost and dying.


This prophecy was fulfilled in 1994, when Dr. Waite visited the United States of America on
vacation and was invited to preach at the Restored Holiness Church of God, in Newark, New
Jersey. As a result lives were transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit through the spoken
word and she was invited to assume Pastorate over the Restored Holiness Church of God.
Dr. Jacqueline Waite was elevated to the pastoral office by the late Percival Rowe, who was
then Bishop of the Full Gospel Church of God, 25 Aberdeen Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.
Dr. Waite received her ministerial training at Deeper Life School of Evangelism in Kingston,
Jamaica, Deliverance Bible Institute Irvington, New Jersey; Greater New Bethel Bible Institute
Queens, New York and obtained her Doctoral of Divinity degree at Community Bible Institute
& Seminary in Brooklyn, New York.


Dr. Waite is conscious of the fact that God’s mandate on her life must be executed. She craves
your prayer while doing so.
God Bless You.

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